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Who Are You Guys?!

Two travel fanatics looking to share our insights. We know it's a drag spending hours finding a flight at the best price, and we want to help you find awesome deals!

The Data Nerd at AwesomeCheapFlights

Data Nerd

Enjoys long walks on the beach and analyzing spreadsheets. Happens to be fond of travelling, but has a very difficult time parting with her money. Resents paying full price for anything, especially flights.

The Data Nerd is primarily responsible for peering intently at numbers, writing stuff, and coming up with a huge backlog of things we'd love to accomplish someday.


The Grumpy Old Man at AwesomeCheapFlights

Grumpy Old Man

Just a grumpy old man, who doesn't like to work. He happens to be a good developer, but requires frequent laps in the bike park to be productive. He is actually never productive. Why do we keep him around?

G.O.M. is our lead do stuff guy. He does stuff, but only begrudgingly and ONLY after coffee. He has been known to break plants and break dance.